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function run(input, context) {
  let {workspaceId, apiUrl, authorization} = input;
  let policyIds = JSON.parse(input.policies)
    .map(p =>;

  let requestOptions = {
    headers: {
      'Authorization': authorization
  let items = [];
  policyIds.forEach(id => {
    let url = `${apiUrl}/workspaces/${workspaceId}/authPolicies/${id}`;
    let response = context.http.get(url, requestOptions);`GET id = ${id}: ${response.statusCode}`);
    let item = JSON.parse(response.body);
  });`Items count: ${items.length}`);
  return {
    items: items

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Write your own Javascript components to extend the FL0 functionality

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Deployments & Versioning

Work in a development sandbox environment, deploy for UAT, and push to production when ready.

Connect your stack via the marketplace, or code your own integration

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"The most exciting part for me is how Fl0 abstracts the boiler plate code, configuration, and infrastructure that developers have to spend countless hours on before ‘shipping’. Developers can now focus on what really matters - shipping customer value."

Zak Islam

VP Engineering, Atlassian

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