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It's no secret that businesses have been looking for ways to build and ship faster for a long time. But now with global skills shortages and increasing tech debt, it's getting harder to achieve.

Experiencing this first-hand, co-founders Dale and Rani founded FL0 to solve this very problem. They made it their mission to disrupt traditional backend engineering. The solution? Build a platform that gives engineers a better, faster way to build than ever before.

Dale was recently invited to speak at Webflow's conference where he shared the full story and a walk-through demo.

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How FL0 started

Very recently we built another company where we had around a hundred people in the engineering and product team. And we found it was very hard to find good engineers and it was really difficult to ship products quickly.

At the time, we were working closely with Microsoft to launch a new developer tool which needed outside infrastructure to move over to their new system. The entire process would take between six months to two years.

We figured surely there was a better way to do it?

Realistically, we needed a product built on top of APIs, which could just point at Microsoft and then use their infrastructure. It should use the same state-of-the-art technology whether we wanted to connect with Google or anyone else.

So we thought, wow, that's a cool idea. Why don't we try to build that and go even further up the stack?

Rather than writing code each time, we could have code components which easily updated and avoided creating tech debt. Our imaginations kept going and found a way to configure the logic and behind the scenes to automatically update and handle everything.

And that's really where the idea for FL0 came about and why we're here today.

The limitations of low-no code platforms

So when you're looking at the no code space, there are definitely some good options we looked into and there's lots of choices out there.

However, each platform has their own limitations and restrictions. When you're limited by functionality, it restricts how you can innovate for your competitive advantage as well.

Ultimately, you need to be differentiating your company through a combination of branding, content, products and unique value prop.

The limitations of no-low code platforms, means that when you're trying to scale it becomes too complex to keep going. To successfully build what you want, requires the flexibility for complex code and nobody was offering that.

We wanted to find a way to break through no-code limitations and provide new innovation for customers.

Bridging the gap and unlocking your superpowers

Fl0 is a new breed of platform called Dev Acceleration, that is bridging the gap between no code and engineering. Essentially, it's a component driven backend which can power any digital application.

You can build an entire startup from scratch and FL0 can handle all of the backend that you want to build. And then you can plug it into any front-end framework like Webflow. Or if you have an existing tech stack today, you can actually build and extend new features and functionality on top of what already exists.

How does FL0 work?

You get a serverless and scalable backend, on-demand databases and there's no configuration required. Allowing you to drag and drop pre-configured components that can build really complex projects - in just a few clicks.

From there, you can build no or low code logic through our API builder. This really allows you to power and build any type of digital applications you want, whatever it may be.

To further extend the platform, we offer a third party integration marketplace and community. That's where you can load in any type of integration, recipes, and spin up really fast technology.

Finally, everything you build has auto-generated swagger documentation to plug into your favourite front-end.

In this session, we'll show you plugging into Webflow. But you could just as easily plug into Shopify or build custom code too.

Connecting FL0 and Webflow

Today we are going to use the example of a rewards platform. This is a type of gamification engine that can be used for any type of company that you build.

Let's say you've got a website and want to incentivise users behaviour. For example, a project management system and when someone completes a task, you'd like them to earn rewards, badges and points. You'll need to create an extensible back-end with FL0 and connect to your Webflow front-end.

To make things easy, we created step-by-step instructions for you at home.

Read the full guide here.

Ready to start building?

If you are interested in being a FL0 Alpha Partner, simply register and mention the Webflow conference. We'll jump you to the top of the list.

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