Startup Daily interviews FL0 CEO, Dale Brett

CEO & Co-founder Dale Brett, talks about the recent launch and funding round with Simon Thomsen on the Startup Daily.

Every software engineering team in the world is currently facing issues on how to ship products to customers faster. There's also a major global shortage on engineering talent which is compounding the issue.

Introducing FL0, a dev acceleration platform which helps supercharge backend software engineers with a component based system.

Simon Thomsen compares FL0 to the digital camera, which took away the technical aspects of photography and allowed you to focus on framing the picture. Similarly, FL0 gives developers instant serverless infrastructure and allows you to focus on building backend systems in a matter of hours.

Now in Alpha, the team is working closely with Zak Islam (VP of Engineering, Atlassian), Seb Ruiz (Director of engineering, Canva) and foundation partners who want to speed up development or build entire backends on FL0.

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